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Ski Resort Chotouň

There are three ski tows, two of which are parallel “POMA” type with telescopic circuits (length 300 and 280 meters, elevation 50m), and a small ski tow for children. Mild ski slopes in the area are especially suitable for beginners and intermediate skiers.
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Nature Park Central Bohemia

The nature park Central Bohemia is situated along the rivers Vltava and Sázava in the area of Závist near Zbraslav and extends to the territory of Prague. Closely adjacent to the villages Psáry, Radějovice and Radlík, the nature park Central Bohemia is considered ideal area for cycling and mushrooming. It is the largest fully protected wooded area near Prague, where a geometric centre of Bohemia is located.
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Herink Buses

Transportation to the village Herink and back within the PIT (Prague Integrated Transport) is provided by the bus no. 363 connecting the village with the metro station “C” Opatov.
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Nature Park Middle Bohemia

The Nature Park Middle Bohemia is situated along the river Vltava and Sázava and extends to the territory of Prague in the area of Závist near Zbraslav. It closely neighbours the villages Psáry, Radějovice and Radlík. The Nature Park Middle Bohemia is considered ideal area for cycling and mushrooming. It is the largest fully protected wooded area near Prague, wherein the geometric centre of Bohemia is situated.
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Průhonice Park and Castle

Průhonice Park is a national cultural heritage monument registered in the UNESCO world heritage list. The Park covering 250 hectares is located on the edge of Prague in the village of Průhonice. Průhonice Park is also unique by combination of exotic trees that are represented here.
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Aquapark Čestlice / Aquapalace Praha

A unique water world with the area of 9,150 square meters is the largest aquapark in Central Europe is located on the outskirts of Prague in the business premises Průhonice - Čestlice. The Aquapark Čestlice includes the sauna world, fitness centre, luxurious spa-wellness centre, rehabilitation, and many other activities.
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Commercial zone Průhonice-Čestlice

The largest shopping centre in the Czech Republic near the village Čestlice, Průhonice and Říčany. The biggest department stores include the OC Spectrum, Albert hypermarket, MoDo, Hanák Forum and Shoppark Čestlice. The commercial and entertainment area Průhonice-Čestlice is located along the D1 motorway.
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Leisure centre Na Fialce

The modern leisure centre Na Fialce is located a few steps from the train station in Říčany. The centre here is intended not only for children but also for anyone who wants to do exercise, swim, go to the cinema or theatre, relax or just have a cup of coffee with friends.
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Elementary school Čestlice

The elementary school Čestlice is made up of five years of the 1st degree. The school is incomplete and divided into 4 classes. The first, second and third year are separate, the fourth year is allied with the fifth year. In recent years, the number of pupils varies from 80 to 90. The pupils residing in the village of Čestlice in addition to those, who reside in the catchment villages Dobřejovice, Modletice, Nupaky and Herink go to this school.
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Kindergarten Modletice

Kindergarten in Modletice is a single class preschool facility with a capacity of 25 children aged 3-6 years. Two qualified teachers care for these children.
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Wilson Tennis Centre Modletice

A tennis complex that opened in 2005 and whose tennis courts and their surfaces are designed for the general tennis public. There are six courts that are located in the indoor hall and ten outdoor courts. Experienced trainers lead here the tennis academy for children and lessons for adults. There is also a restaurant.
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Riding school Kocanda - neighbouring village Kocanda

The year-round wide variety of training courses and horse riding for children and adults.
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Chateau Modletice

The first mention of a chateau built in the baroque style is from the year 1778. Now, there take place dance classes for adults, yoga, pilates and workshops. The premises including the lecture hall are also suitable for weddings, family celebrations, trainings and concerts.
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Family Centre Baráček

The family centre Baráček is operated by a non-profit civic association as a recreational centre for the public. A wide range of activities includes exercises for children or for parents with children, drama and art club, music lessons or training seminars for parents and more. It is based in U Hřiště 575.